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Maayan Koschitzky


Maayan Koschitzky is one of the most respected and talented winemakers in Napa Valley. His belief that wine brings people together united him with Sam, and now he leads the team to create the best Napa Valley offers every vintage.

Born in Israel to a long line of farmers, Maayan studied engineering before embarking on a career in winemaking. Having gained experience in both vineyards and winemaking in his native country, he moved to California in 2011 and held positions at the legendary Screaming Eagle Winery and Dalla Valle Vineyards. This led to working with one of the most highly regarded winemakers in the U.S., Philippe Melka.

As Director of Winemaking at Atelier Melka, which he joined in 2014, Maayan has himself become a highly sought-after winemaker, one who has made a name crafting wines for some of Napa Valley’s most prestigious wineries. At Simon Family Estate, Maayan sources from multiple pedigreed vineyards to craft small production, luxury wines that reflect Napa Valley terroir at its finest.


"Sam is first and foremost a friend. But his energy and drive keep me on my toes. He gives me the space to push boundaries without being afraid to fail." - Maayan Koschitzky, Winemaker

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